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New, FREE Coach Pitch and Tee Ball Programs Offer Leagues and Coaches Tools to Teach the Youngest Little Leaguers®

For many children, Tee Ball and Coach Pitch are the first opportunity they have to wear a Little League patch, and it’s the same place that many parents and coaches get their initial experience with Little League. These programs are where children learn to love the game, make new friends, and have fun on the field.

These are some of the most important seasons in the career of a Little Leaguer®, which is why the Little League Tee Ball and Little League Coach Pitch programs were created. Local Leagues can utilize these programs to offer high-energy practices for children, while enticing young parents to become involved as team managers, coaches, team moms, and Board members.

For the past three seasons, the Little League Tee Ball program has provided league officials with an introductory blueprint to fun, fitness and fundamentals, along with an additional recruiting tool for new volunteers. This year, Little League has released a new, mobile version of the Tee Ball program and will also be mailing print versions to select leagues.

Following the success of the Tee Ball Program, the new 12-week Little League Coach Pitch program provides leagues the tools to service their Little Leaguers and coaches as they advance through the Minor baseball division. While the free Little League Coach Pitch program is focused on baseball, many skills can be translated to the softball field, and Little League is currently developing a similar program specifically for softball.

Both programs are available for download and are designed to be a la carte for volunteer managers and coaches to use as they wish. In a short time, the youngest Little Leaguers will be enjoying exercising and playing with their friends, while your league’s coaches have the opportunity to utilize these great resources.

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