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League Bulletin Board: News and Notes for the Quorum

February 2015 Edition

Crowdfunding: Local leagues and districts have inquired about the ability to use crowdfunding as a means for generating monies to be used to offset annual operating costs. There are guidelines that can help to direct such efforts. This information is available in a crowdfunding policy statement on the Little League® website. If there are any questions regarding crowdfunding or the related policy statement, please e-mail the Little League Marketing Department (marketing@LittleLeague.org).

2015 Little League® Magazine: Earlier this month, an e-mail was delivered to local leagues asking League Presidents to decide if they wish to have their league’s 2014 team managers accept delivery of the 2015 Little League Magazine, or choose to receive a delivery of 300 magazines to their home address. If it serves your league best to have your League President receive a single shipment of the magazine printed by Major League Baseball, opt-out here.

Calloway Value Card Not an Approved Fundraiser: It has been brought to the attention of the Little League® International Marketing Department that a flyer promoting the Calloway Value Card has been circulated to local leagues. This mailing has not been approved to use the trademark-protected Little League logo. If your league receives this solicitation, know that it is not endorsed or supported by Little League Baseball and Softball.

Little League® trademarks are protected by Federal statute, and can only be used when referring to the activities of the international program and its chartered leagues. The logos must only be used by chartered leagues in combination with the name of the chartered league, on letterhead, signage, and other league-related presentation.

Player Registration and Coach/Manager Information for 2015: Help Little League® provide coaches and volunteers with important Little League information and initiatives prior to, and during, the season by encouraging your leagues to record and catalog the players, coaches, and managers in your district. Local leagues must submit regular-season player registration/roster information and coach/manager data through the Little League Data Center by April 1, 2015. Once in the Little League Data Center, upload player registration/roster information and coach/manager data by clicking on Manage Registration Data/Rosters or Managers/Coaches then click on Upload Player/Registration Roster. Next, select the file format you are using from the dropdown menu and this will give you step-by-step instructions on how to create and upload your file.

Chartering and Marketing Toolkit: With many leagues currently registering players and beginning to play games, this is the time to direct leagues to the Chartering and Marketing Toolkit Resource Page. The resource page provides leagues with information on how to enhance the experience for families, and provides input for Board members throughout the season.

Softball Excellence: Little League Softball® and Softball Excellence have refined its educational offerings to coaches. Access the online courses designed specifically for Little League Softball managers and coaches at a cost of $17.95 per course.

Coaches Toolkits: The Little League® Baseball and Softball Coaches Toolkits are separate packages for Little League Baseball® and Little League Softball®. Each kit includes sport-specific training manuals, videos and other materials that will help both the novice and experienced coach.

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