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New This Year: Tournament Enrollment is Online Only!

Whether your teams have been playing for weeks, or are just now getting on the field, Tournament Season will be here before you know it.

That time is a valuable commodity to Board members and league officials, so, this year, for the first time, Little League® International has taken tournament enrollment exclusively online. No longer will local leagues be receiving a Tournament Enrollment Form through standard mail.

Melding convenience and technology, if a local league wishes to be part of the 2015 Little League International Tournament it will do so through the Enrollment Form available on the Little League International Tournament Toolkit website. The Tournament Toolkit website provides volunteers with a one-stop online resource for planning and organizing their tournament season.

“The goal is always to make the Little League experience better for everyone and that begins with convenience,” said Dan Velte, Little League Director of League Development. “As a result of the positive feedback we received from the online Chartering and Marketing Toolkit, and the large number of leagues utilizing the Little League Data Center, it just makes sense to conduct tournament enrollment online. The goal is to provide the most convenient way possible for leagues to enroll their teams in the tournament.”

Located on the 2015 Little League International Chartering and Marketing Toolkit website, the Little League® International Tournament Toolkit provides local leagues with the ability to enroll teams in this year’s postseason, review tournament responsibilities and dates, use the electronic calendar to schedule games, watch tournament-specific video presentations, and better understand tournament rules and regulations.

“The Tournament Toolkit provides and organizes the Little League resources that our volunteers need during the busy tournament season,” said Mr. Velte.

The 2015 Little League International Tournament Toolkit launched on Monday, April 20, and is currently available to view.

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