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A Special Thank You from Stephen D. Keener, Little League® President and CEO

steve-head While opening day may have just happened, if you’re like most local league officials, you’ve been working on and preparing for the new season for quite some time. As you know, it takes great effort to get ready for a new season, and an even greater effort to successfully operate a league throughout the spring and summer. Unless a person has volunteered at a local league, they would not know the time and level of dedication it takes to run a league. While the sacrifice is great, I always hear from local officials that it is a labor of love, and something they will treasure for years to come.

I have no doubt that the families and friends who come to your games enjoy the experience. I also have no doubt that your community is stronger because of all you do. I want you to know that we at Little League® International appreciate the year-round effort it takes to build, grow, and sustain your league, from the winter-time Board meetings to the spring-time field clean-up to the summer treat at the concession stand.

I’d like to thank you and your fellow league officials for volunteering, and helping to build memories for children and their families that will last their entire lifetimes. Without volunteers like you, Little League could not offer the important lessons both on and off the field that we share with millions of children throughout the world. Once again, thank you for being such an important part of the Little League family.

Enjoy the season!



President and Chief Executive Officer
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