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Code of Conduct for Little League® Parents, Coaches and Volunteers

Every season starts off with good spirits and fun intentions, but situations may arise during the season when emotions take over and tempers flare, making for scenes where the roles of adults and children become reversed. To help curb instances of inappropriate behavior at Little League® games and activities, local leagues can use a Code of Conduct pact to hold parents, fans and volunteers accountable for their actions.

Little League offers each of its leagues access to a Code of Conduct for parents, coaches and volunteers. By encouraging parents, coaches and managers to sign one, or all, of these documents, your league has set the precedent that behavior deemed detrimental to the league and its players will not be tolerated. It also gives your Board of Directors the grounds to respond to an incident that may occur during any game, event or activities hosted by your league.

The Code of Conduct policies available through Little League can be used “as-is” or may be modified to suit your local league. By way of discussion and vote by the Board, any addendums or additional stipulations may be included. It is strongly recommended that if your league chooses to use these respective policies that they be signed by all applicable parties prior to the start of the season, collected, kept on file by the League President, and enforced by the league.

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