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World Series Spotlight: Cassetty Howerin Comes Through at 2014 Big League Softball World Series

Meeting people from different states and countries, sharing experiences with teammates and playing live on TV, are all wonderful opportunities for Big League Softball® World Series teams. In coming issues of the Little Leaguer®, we will feature players who have had special World Series moments and see what they are doing now. In this month’s World Series Spotlight: Cassetty Howerin – who drove in the winning run in the 2014 Big League Softball World Series with a base hit in extra innings.

Cassetty Howerin

Cassetty Howerin, now 18, has been swinging a bat since she was four years old. She grew up in Dover, Del., with parents who always encouraged her to stay active.

“They signed me up for all the sports and when they signed me up for baseball, I loved it,” said Cassetty.

Eventually, Cassetty moved from baseball to softball. Her passion for the game grew with each Little League season. And, with a lot of hard work, she developed the skills to play on her league’s tournament teams, including the competitive Big League Softball team in her area. That team, from Delaware District 1, won the 2014 Big League Softball World Series.

And, it was Cassetty’s base hit that tallied the only run of that championship game.

“It was a really emotional experience because I’d never been in a big situation like that,” said Cassetty. “I’ve been in game-winning situations before, but not one as big as that game. In that moment, I realized that we had a shot to win this game, and all we had to do was hold them on defense. Knowing my team, and my pitcher, I believed in them 110 percent.”

Reflecting on all of her favorite Little League Softball® memories, Cassetty, said without a doubt that her best moment came just after her team won the championship.

“We all came together at the pitching mound and hugged,” she proudly said.

There is no question that the great chemistry the Delaware team had off the field contributed to their success on the field. The Big League Softball World Series brought them closer together.

“We had that time to talk and get to really know each other,” said Cassetty.

This past semester, Cassetty finished her first year at Virginia Wesleyan College. She was the starting first basemen on the softball team where she batted a .427 for the season. Although softball takes up a large portion of her schedule, Cassety is focused on her education. She is majoring in Recreation and Leisure Studies and is interested in pursuing a Psychology minor.

As a student athlete, Cassetty, is looking forward to taking her softball career as far as possible.

“The one person that inspired me to keep up with softball would have to be my grandmother,” said Cassetty. “She was always there supporting me, and she wouldn’t let me quit. I cherished that time with her, and now that she’s passed, softball is my pathway to connect with her.”

Although Cassetty has moved on from her Big League Softball World Series experience, she will forever carry those memories with her. “Before every game, we always had team prayer,” Cassetty said. “Being in that circle with my girls, I realized we were going to be okay no matter what. It’s a confidence boost knowing that you have a team you know you can go far with, and that they’ll have your back every step on the way.”

The 2015 Big League Softball World Series is set for the Pyle Center in Lower Sussex Del. ESPN’s coverage of the championship game is scheduled for Aug. 4.