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Little League® International Welcomes New, First-Year Volunteer District Administrators to Annual Training Series

At the fourth annual New District Administrator (D.A.) Training Series, the underlying message from Little League® to D.A.s was: “You are not alone…We’re here to help.”

Held at Little League International in South Williamsport, Pa., from Oct. 10 to 11, 39 first-year volunteer D.A.s from around the world met with Little League International staff members and fellow district volunteers regarding the best ways to efficiently oversee and operate their leagues. All travel arrangements and expenses for the event were accommodated by Little League International.

“The D.A. Training Series is a first-hand education opportunity that gives each new District Administrator the knowledge necessary to be efficient in their work,” said Nick Caringi, Little League Senior Director of Operations and Education. “The job they have been elected to do is a crucial one for the overall success of the Little League program. Gathering together all new D.A.s is important to ensure everyone is working toward that goal.”

Discussed throughout the D.A. Training Series were Little League’s various initiatives that are designed to provide structure, guidance, and support to the D.A.s and their staffs. Along with the operational elements, the educational seminar also outlined techniques for answering specific situations and explaining the general application of the Little League program. Communication, transparency, and support were the recurring themes of the two-day event.

Presenters introduced and explained a variety of tools and materials available, including the 2015 Chartering and Marketing Tool Kit and the Little League Data Center. Other topics discussed were: the Expectations and Role of District Administrator; Chain of Command; District Structure; Communications and Media; Accounting and Finances; Marketing of Little League; District Insurance Coverage; A Safety Awareness Program (ASAP); Child Protection Program; 10 Common Issues with Little League Regulations; Forms; The District Administrator’s Role in League Development and Retention; Softball; Challenger Division; and the Little League Urban Initiative.

The role of the training presentations was to explain and detail the various aspects of the program. Highlighting the discussion were open forums hosted by Stephen D. Keener, Little League’s President and CEO; and Patrick W. Wilson, Senior Vice President of Operations and Program Development.

Several segments of the D.A Training Series will be available for viewing on the Little League website in the coming weeks.

Among the attendees was newly-elected Arizona District 14 Administrator Carl Gagey, who is less than a month into his four-year term. Mr. Gagey, from Gilbert, Ariz., is the father of four boys who all played Little League. Like most Little League volunteers, he chose to get involved because of a sense of duty to his local league, and he now strives to serve his district well.

“I’ve been involved with Little League in some capacity for 22 years and grown up through the program, volunteering as a coach, manager and League President,” said Mr. Gagey. "I came into this weekend with no prejudices and a clean canvas, and I wasn’t disappointed. Little League provides a ton of information and the different sessions are great because it gives a D.A. access to all of different resources. For me, the most important part was getting to meet people and put names with faces. It’s a good feeling knowing that the organization is behind you and answers and advice are only a phone call or email away.”


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