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Dig Out of the Depths of Winter by Brushing Up on Little League® Rules

Dig Out of the Depths of Winter by Brushing Up on Little League® Rules


It’s March, and still plenty cold outside in many parts of the United States. Despite the winter chill, games are just a few weeks away, so now is a great time to grab the Little League® Rulebooks and do some studying.

With the amount of snow we still have on the ground, and the below average temperatures we are having here in central Pennsylvania, it’s hard to believe that spring arrives later this month (at least according to the calendar).

The weeks leading up to opening day are a great time to pick-up the Rulebooks. As you review the rules, spend a little extra time in section 2.00 – Definition of Terms. Being able to explain a situation to a manager using Rulebook terminology increases your credibility and minimizes the potential for a protest. You’ll find that your confidence will be elevated, as well.

The importance of knowing and understanding the definitions is touched on in this month’s “From the Field.”

The start of the regular season for most of the local leagues will be in the next several weeks. Before you know it, the regular season will be in full swing. Hopefully, you have been able to take advantage of training that has been available throughout the offseason. Each region has offered informative clinics for rules and/or mechanics. Attending offseason clinics is a great way to not only stay current but also prepare for the upcoming regular season.

We are midway through March, and I am sure most of you can’t wait to get back out on the field. I know I can’t. The winter months are a nice break, but by the time February and March roll around, I start to get the itch.

Until our next issue in May, gear up for the season, and remember, it’s nothing until you call it!

Volume 20 | Issue 3 | Fairball Newsletter March 2014 | Umpire Registry