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Infield Fly Ruling

Infield Fly Ruling

Yes. Refer to the Little League Baseball® Rulebook Definition 2.00: Fair Ball/infield fly: Note 1. See Page 7 of Make the Right Call: The Casebook of Little League® Baseball and Softball.

A Fair Ball is a batted ball that:

     (a) settles or is touched on or over fair territory between home and first base or home and third base;
     (b) bounds past first or third base on or over fair territory;
     (c) while on or over fair territory, touches the person, attached equipment, or clothing of a player or umpire;
     (d) touches first, second or third base;
     (e) while over fair territory, passes out of the playing field beyond the outfield.

Play 2-3: Batted ball settles on home plate.
     Ruling: Fair Ball

Play 2-4: Batted ball first hits foul ground and without touching any foreign object, rolls into fair territory between first and home, or third and home, where it settles.
     Ruling: Fair Ball