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You Make the Call


In the Little League® Baseball Major Division, there is a situation that has base runners on first and second, one out. The Batter swings and misses on a third strike and the ball passes the catcher. The Batter mistakenly begins running to first and, as a result, both runners advance to the next base. What is the ruling?


In this situation, reference Rule 6.05 (b) (2) which states: “A batter is out when a third strike is not caught by the catcher when first base is occupied before two are out.” The batter in this situation is out by rule and the umpire will signal and vocalize, “Batter is out.” As for the runners, remember that the ball is live and runners may advance at their own risk. The runners would remain at second and third base, respectively. This rule is similar to an infield fly in that the batter is out, the ball is live, and runners may advance at the risk of that ball being caught, or retouch and advance after the ball is touched.