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Youth Umpire School Training

Little League® Umpires Offer Life Lessons through Youth Umpire Schools

Volunteer umpires in the Western Region hold clinics that teach more than just ball, strike, safe, and out.

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Batter Hitting Ball

Pace of Play: Time Management

Keep the game moving by using these five simple pace-of-play tips.
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Umpire Asking For Help

Did He Go? – The Definition of a Check-Swing Strike

Knowing how and when to “ask for help” is a key component to crisp plate mechanics.
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You Make The Call Graphic

When Is a Batted Ball Considered Foul?

If a ball is hit in the air down the third-base line, and the third baseman touches it before it reaches the base, what’s the call?
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Umpire Giving Foul Ball Sign

Foul Mechanic

The “foul ball” call is to be decisive, clear, and distinctive. Review the foul ball call mechanic as explained in this Little League® University video presentation.
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Don't Let This Happen Graphic

Failing to Background Check Umpires

Each local league is responsible for completing background checks for regular-season umpires. See how a bad situation occurred when this regulation was not followed.
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LLU Umpire Graphic

Fairball Newsletter

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