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Pre-Game Conference: Establishing an Effective Working Relationship

The ability to effectively officiate a game is based on trust and continuity with your partner(s). To establish this effective working relationship it is essential that “your team” have a pre-game meeting.

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Umpire in Field

10 Commonly Misinterpreted Rules

Misconceptions and misinterpretations are not uncommon in baseball or softball. Here are 10 typically misunderstood rules to provide some clarity for umpires, coaches, and fans.
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Umpires Talking

4 Ways to Get Ready for the Season

For many of you in blue, the regular season is upon us, or soon will be. To help you get ready, here are four tips on how to be sharp when it’s time to call “play ball!”
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Batter Swinging

Did the Batter Swing or Bail Out

A batter swings and misses a pitch and is hit with the same pitch. Do we have a strike or hit batter?
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Batter at Plate

Called Strike Mechanic

The called strike is a crisp, firm, and convincing “hammer” motion. Review the called strike mechanic as explained in this Little League University video presentation.
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Game Control

Game Control vs. General in Charge

An efficient and effective umpire understands the important difference between game control and general in charge.
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