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Formal Training

Formal Training Makes Little League® Umpires Better

No umpire puts on the uniform knowing everything there is to know about umpiring. Whether rookie or veteran, attending formal training at a local league, district, state, or region clinic there is always some information, interpretation, or mechanic that will improve an individual’s skill set and grow confidence.

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Pre-Game Umpire Conference

Pre-Game Conference: Establishing an Effective Working Relationship

Taking the time to hold a pre-game conference is critical to the trust and continuity that an umpire crew displays while on the field.
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You Make the Call - Pitcher Warming Up

You Make the Call – Manager or Coach Warming Up Pitcher

Is there a rule that outlines whether a pitcher can through to a coach in the bullpen, or in the field? Read on, and you make the call.
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Foul Tip Mechanic

Foul-Tip Mechanic

The foul-tip mechanic is specific, as is the ruling. To execute the foul-tip mechanic, one must recognize that a foul tip has occurred, then indicate the call with a distinctive motion.
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4 Ways Prepare for the Season

4 Ways to Prepare for the Season

Regardless of when your season is scheduled to begin, here are four ways to be ready when it’s time to call, “Play ball!”
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