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Basic 6 Umpires

Description of the "Basic Six" Field Mechanics

When an umpire attends a Little League® Mechanics Clinic or the Umpire School, the “Basic Six” is taught as the cornerstone of the training regimen. Being efficient and effective when performing these mechanics will make you proficient in this area according to Little League standards.

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Little League Rulebooks

Be Sure to Review the Little League® Rules

Regardless of whether spring comes in like a lion or a lamb, games are on the way. As players and teams prepare for the...
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You Make the Call

You Make the Call – Base Coach Interference

With two outs and a runner on second base during a Major Division softball game, the batter hits a ball toward the third baseman.
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Little League Putting the Ball in Play

Putting the Ball in Play

The “Putting the Ball in Play” Mechanic is used when starting the game, starting an inning, “Time” has been called, or the ball becomes dead for any other reason.
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