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You Make the Call – Putting the Ball in Play

Situation: With a runner on first base, and no outs, the runner on first base attempts to steal second base. The catcher throws the ball to the shortstop covering second base. The runner is called “safe,” and the runner asks for, and is granted “time,” by the base umpire. The ball is thrown back to the pitcher, who promptly steps on to the pitcher’s plate and delivers a pitch. The home plate umpire calls “no pitch.” Why?

Answer: After the runner was granted “time” by the base umpire, it is the responsibility of the home plate umpire to put the ball back in play. This is done by the plate umpire by determining that the game is set to continue. At that point, he/she orders the game to resume action by declaring, “Play.”

Rule 2.00 -- Definitions

Time – The announcement by the umpire of a legal interruption of play, during which the ball is dead.

Play – The umpire’s order to start the game or to resume action following a dead ball.

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