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Do You Want to Umpire in a World Series?

Do You Want to Umpire in a World Series?


We are now a few weeks removed from the completion of the Little League® International Tournament and another baseball and softball year. It’s during this time of year that one of the main questions asked is, “what is the process for becoming a World Series umpire?” This is a good question; one that has a couple of facets to it.

The actual process of being recommended and selected for one of the nine World Series is a linear one. It all begins with the District Administrator (D.A.). The D.A. recommends an umpire within his/her district to work in above-state tournaments. The process is initiated by the requesting umpire completing and submitting the Little League Baseball and Softball Tournament Umpire Request Form to their D.A.

If the D.A. determines that the requesting umpire is prepared to work in a Regional Tournament, he/she will complete their section of the form and submit it to the respective Regional Center for consideration by Nov. 1. Each year in November, the Regional Directors, with consultation from their Regional Umpires-in-Chief (U.I.C.s), select umpires to work in both Regional and World Series tournaments for the next tournament season.

Umpires selected to work a regional tournament will receive an evaluation during the tournament from one or more evaluators designated by the Tournament Director. An umpire can receive one of two recommendations on the evaluation: Recommend working another Regional Tournament or Recommend a World Series. Once an umpire has earned a World Series recommendation, he/she must indicate that they wish to be considered for selection to a World Series by submitting the Little League Baseball and Softball Tournament Umpire Request Form each year using the same process described earlier.

Regional Directors will submit their World Series Umpire recommendations to Little League® International for confirmation and notification. The timetables for receiving notification to work either a Regional or World Series can vary greatly depending on the division. One important point to consider when choosing to begin the process is that only volunteer umpires that contribute to their local league during the regular season are considered for Regional and World Series Tournaments.

Indirectly associated with the process is formal training. Attending formal training at a Regional Center or at Little League® International in Pennsylvania is an important component of being a successful volunteer umpire. It becomes even more critical if you aspire to receive a World Series assignment. Attending formal training early and often ensures that correct mechanics and interpretations are applied in the years leading up to applying for a Regional tournament or World Series. Attending formal training should not end after receiving a World Series recommendation. Regional and Little League® International clinics and schools provide an opportunity for umpires to maintain their edge and readiness should they be notified of selection to a World Series.

Remember though, that choosing to be a Little League Volunteer Umpire should be primarily to give back to the community and provide young girls and boys the opportunity to play the games of baseball and softball in a safe environment. As you do this, and find that your talent and skills as an umpire have reached a higher level due to years of consistently applying the formal training you have received, please consider the path to becoming a World Series Umpire.

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