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From the Field!

This month’s question comes from Clinton in New Mexico District 1. He writes, “In Little League Baseball and below, is a pitcher allowed to ‘roll through’ the pitching motion without coming to a stop when pitching from the Set Position.”

To answer this question, we reference Baseball Rules 8.05 (m) and 8.05 (m) Note 1.

8.05 (m) states: Intermediate (50-70) Division/Junior/Senior/Big League only: With a runner or runners on base, it is a balk when the pitcher delivers the pitch from the set position without coming to a stop. This does not apply to Little League® (Majors) and Minor League as stated in 8.05 (m) Note 1: Little League (Majors) and Minor League – 8.05 (l) and 8.05 (m) shall not be enforced at any time.

Also, remember that under no circumstances shall a balk be called in Little League (Majors) or Minor League.

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