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Fairball Newsletter - November

Volume 20 | Issue 7 | November 2014 | URC | Registry
Why Little League® Volunteers Choose to Umpire
All it takes to be a volunteer Little League® umpire is the willingness to stand up and try. Understanding the importance of serving in this capacity is a large step toward encouraging others to join our ranks. Read more
Tips and Tactics for Recruiting New Volunteer Little League® Umpires
From the Field! Runners not Tagging Up and Wild Throws
You Make the Call: How and When to Verbalize a Balk
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URC Video Tip: When Getting Into Position to Call Balls and Strikes, Use the Heel-Slot Mechanic to Ensure the Best Placement.
Event Calendar: Check Out Little League’s Event Calendar When You Begin to Organize Your Training Schedule.

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Fairball | November 2014 | URC | Registry