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Stump the Ump -May 2010

1. Situation – No outs…runner on second. The batter fouls a pitch into the stands. The umpire throws a new ball to the pitcher who is standing behind the mound. As the pitcher is rubbing the new ball between his/her bare hands…the runner attempts to steal third but is thrown out. DOES THIS OUT STAND?

2. Situation – With a runner on third, the pitcher starts his/her wind-up. Midway through his/her delivery…the batter steps out of the batter’s box. The surprised hurler freezes in mid-stride and holds onto the ball. IS THIS A BALK/ILLEGAL PITCH?

3. Junior/Senior/Big League Baseball/Softball - Situation – Runner on first base, one out. Two strikes on the batter. The batter swings and misses…the catcher cannot hold onto the ball. The batter takes off for first as the runner from first takes off for second. The catcher throws to the second baseman who tags the runner. The batter-runner ends up on first. HOW MANY OUTS?


1. 5.11. This is considered NO PLAY since the ball is still “dead”…the pitcher must be on the rubber with the ball and the ump signal “play” before the ball is alive again.

2. 6.02(b). The ball is dead and no balk/illegal pitch shall be called. The batter may not step out after the pitcher starts his/her motion. Start over from “scratch.”

3. 6.05(b)/7.08(c). There are three outs. The batter was out automatically because first base was occupied with less than two outs. The runner from first was out when tagged for the third out.

3. 3.05(b). No. The new pitcher in the top of the seventh must pitch to at least on hitter or retire the side before he/she can be replaced.