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Stump the Ump - February 2010

1. Situation - Runner on first base…the batter hits a single into right field. The runner advances to third but misses second base on his/her way. The second baseman takes the throw from the right fielder and kicks the second base bag in disgust. IS THE RUNNER STANDING ON THIRD OUT FOR MISSING THE BASE?

2. Situation – The batter hits a short fly ball to center field. The second baseman and centerfielder converge on the pop-up. At the last second….the infielder lunges for the ball and deflects it into the umpire. The alert centerfielder catches the ball before it touches the ground. IS THIS AN OUT?

3. Situation – The top of the seventh…one out…runner on first. A left-handed pitcher is brought in to face the left-handed hitter. This new hurler picks off the runner on his/her second toss to first. The offensive manager brings in a right-handed pinch hitter for his/her left hander. MAY THE DEFENSIVE MANAGER CHANGE PITCHERS?


1. 2.00/7.10. This is an appeal play. Appeals must be made by verbal request or in an unmistakable manner. The runner is NOT out at this time.

2. 2.00 CATCH. This is not a legal catch since the ball touched the umpire. The ball is alive and in play.

3. 3.05(b). No. The new pitcher in the top of the seventh must pitch to at least on hitter or retire the side before he/she can be replaced.