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Behind the Plate - October 2007


Volume 2, No. 5


October 2007

Behind the Plate with Andy
By Andy Konyar
Umpire Consultant
Little League International

#1. In their haste to trail the catcher to the backstop on a foul pop up, many umpires run the risk of injury caused by flying catcher's equipment. Follow at a safe distance, behind and to the side of the catcher, and keep your mask on. Once the catcher tosses the helmet, remove your mask and move closer if necessary. Depending on how close the catcher comes to the backstop or screen, you may have to move away from the catcher to open the angle and improve your look at the play.

#2. A common problem on double plays is determining whether the pivot man dropped the initial throw or lost control of the ball trying to throw it. If the ball has fallen from the pivot man's glove straight to the ground, it's likely the ball was dropped and not caught by the fielder and the runner would be safe. Conversely, if the ball pops away from the fielder in any direction, it's likely the pivot man dropped the ball in the act of throwing and the runner is out..

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