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Coach's Box - October 2006

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 Volume I, No. 6  

October 2006 

Protecting the throwing arms of your players – should be an absolute top priority!

by al and AL

The top three reasons Al and I partnered with Little League over 12 years are: Little League’s commitment to safety, the education and training of volunteers, the careful all-around development of the players that sign up to play baseball and softball.

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Ac-count-ability: Little League Volunteers Want to Know Who Will Be Responsible for Counting Pitches
Chris Downs
Little League International’s Board of Directors voted in August to replace the baseball program’s innings-pitched rules with a pitch count to determine the eligibility of Little League pitchers. From the point that the decision was made, an overriding question has been: Who is responsible for counting the pitches?
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How Coaches, Parents and Players See and Seize “Teachable Moments” During Major League Baseball Post-Season
by Jim Thompson

With the Major League Baseball postseason upon us, Positive Coaching Alliance urges coaches and parents to watch the games on TV with their Little Leaguers. It is one of the greatest bonding experiences possible, filled with memorable moments and what we at Positive Coaching Alliance call “teachable moments.”
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Training for Softball
By Michele Smith

In order to become a better softball player no matter what your level, you need to train hard off the field. In years past, most softball players worked hard on the field for two hours of practice and thought they had put in their work load for the day. Read the story
Behind the Plate with Andy
By Andy Konyar

Rule 7.09 mentions that it is base coach interference when the base coach at 1st or 3rd base assists the runner at that base in either returning or leaving. You understand the rule and its penalties but have never seen it happen. Maybe you have and did not recognize it; here are a few things you should be looking for when you watch the base coaches. Having trouble with batting out of turn and who is out and when. Not quite sure when and who should call a batting out of turn. Here are some tips to help you understand the how, why and when of rule 6.07.
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The Little League Coaches Registry -
Better Coaches -  Better Games - Better Leagues

By Scott Miller
Managers and coaches are among the most important volunteers in the Little League program. They have to know the game and they have to love working with kids. Leagues with knowledgeable, caring and concerned coaches have an advantage when it comes to making the games fun and retaining players.
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