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Harold Reynold's Tip - July 2006


Volume 1, No. 6

Special Tournament Edition

   June/July 2006


How to make a difference as a Little League All-Star coach?

How to make a difference as a Little League All-Star coach?

First, remember the all-star season is not about you, the parents or the fans; it is all about the kids. You have a key role to play but don’t forget that the players are the only ones who can go out onto the field and make the plays.

Second, understand that things are going to happen that you have absolutely no control over. In many cases they impact how far your team advances. Don’t get distracted or stressed about the weather, umpires calls, the teams you have to face, the behavior of other teams and coaches, the fans, an injury to a key player or the behavior of the fans and parents. It takes away from what you need to be doing with the players on your team. Remember, to advance you need to be good but you also need to have a little luck on your side.

Third, as a coach you need focus on providing a positive experience for the players and at the same time set them up to compete in every game they play. Here are a few things that you are in control of and should focus on:

  • Make sure every player knows that being selected is a real accomplishment and you are excited about having the opportunity to work with him or her.
    Share your expectations with the players and parents as soon as the team is formed.

  • Put together a pre-game routine that you will use for every game, regardless of who you are playing, the location and the importance of the game. Having a standard pre-game helps settle your team down and will provide them with confidence to compete.

  • Look for ways to set your players up for success in every ball game.

  • Regardless of the circumstance or the outcome, make sure your players know you are always on their side.

  • Strive to be a prefect role model, be calm and cool, your team cannot afford to be distracted by you or your behaviors. (You need to bat 1000 as a coach on this front .300 isn’t good enough).

  • Coach the game with integrity. Never put your players, or the players on the other team in any embarrassing, or compromising situations. You need to have the highest standards for fair play and sportsmanship of any one on the diamond.

  • Celebrate the accomplishments of your players every at-bat, in every inning and at every step of the way.

  • Be the best cheerleader on the bench and find a way to stay positive regardless of the outcome.

  • And most importantly have some fun along the way.

Over the years, I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to coach all-star teams from our local Little League. The players I had the chance to work with took me along to four Regional tournaments, three National tournaments and the Junior Little League World Series. Great fun, lots to celebrate, hundreds of stories and memories on and off the field… thanks to the kids. – Big Al

Al Herback and Al Price, Authors and Instructors of the Little League Education Program authored this coaching tip. The training materials they have put together include hundreds of drills, competitions and fun activities. They also include progressions to help you teach the fundamental skills and guidance on how to plan practices for all levels of play. Please go to www.alandalbaseball.com for more information on the complete program library & to order your own set of training materials. To date, thousands of leagues and over 1 million coaches, managers, players and parents have taken advantage of the training materials.
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