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Behind the Plate - April 2006


Volume 1, No. 4

   April 2006

Behind the Plate with Andy
By Andy Konyar
Umpire Consultant
Little League International

The weather is getting nicer and more and more teams around the world are getting out there and playing.

From time to time, strange plays happen. Here are a few calls I get questioned about. Take a look at these and see how you do!

Situation 1 – The runner from first is attempting to steal second. He/she slides hard into the base and it comes out of the ground and lands several feet away. The second baseman then tags the runner who is not touching the base. IS HE/SHE OUT?

Situation 2 – The pitcher has a problem releasing the ball and fires it into the ground… the ball bounces once and enters the strike zone. The bewildered batter reacts quickly and sends the bouncer into right field for a base hit. OR IS IT?

Situation 3 – In the top of the fifth inning the manager makes a trip to the mound to settle his/her pitcher… the next batter gets a base hit. This time the manager sends his/her coach out to calm the pitcher. IS THE PITCHER ALLOWED TO PITCH TO ANOTHER HITTER?

Here are the answers.

Situation 1 – 7.08 (c) (1) If he/she had reached second safely, no further play can be made on him/her when a base is dislodged. The runner is not out.
Situation 2 – 2.00 Definition of ball. It is a base hit. A pitch that bounces can be hit.
Situation 3 – 8.06(a) Yes. The second trip will NOT require the pitcher to be replaced. However, if the manager/coach makes 3 trips in an inning or 4 trips in a game the pitcher would be required to be replaced.

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