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Base Running


Volume 1, No. 3

   March 2006

Base Running and Odd Plays...
They Could Happen
By Andy Konyar
Umpire Consultant
Little League International

This month's scenarios feature base running and some odd things that could happen. Let's take a look a look for you can be better prepared for the call.

Situation 1 – One out… runner on first. The batter pops a quick one-hopper to the first baseman. The first baseman fields the ball… tags first base… and then tags the runner who never left the base. IS THIS A DOUBLE PLAY?

Situation 2 – Bases loaded… two outs. The batter walks forcing all runners to advance. The overzealous runner from second advances past third base toward home. The alert catcher fires to third and the runner is tagged off the base before the runner advancing home touches the plate. DOES THIS RUN SCORE?

The answers:

Situation 1 – 7.01/7.08 (e) The batter is out but the runner is entitled to remain at first since the “force” was removed before he/she was tagged.

Situation 2 – 7.04(b) The run counts since his advance was the result of an award.

The above situations are selecting from my Umpire Registry Newsletter. If you know of umpires in your league that are looking for the extra edge, send them to the Umpire Registry for help. Click on the link provided for more information. http://www.littleleague.org/umpires/umpregletter.htm

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