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Playing Rules


Volume 1, No. 1

   January 2006


Are You Up to Speed on the Playing Rules?
By Andy Konyar
Umpire Consultant
Little League International

Hi everyone! This is Andy Konyar, Umpire Consultant for Little League Baseball and Softball, and I wanted to see if you were up to speed on the rules.

Below are a few situations that commonly occur through the course of a season. Test your knowledge of the game and let's see how you do!

Situation 1 – Runners on first and second with one out. A pop fly is hit down the third base line. The umpire declares “Infield Fly if fair”. The ball falls untouched in front of third base and rolls foul…..IS THE BATTER OUT?

Situation 2 – One out, runners on second and third. Batter hits a double and both runners come home. The runner from third missed the plate….the runner from second properly touched. Realizing he/she missed the plate the runner from third return’s to touch it….before the catcher appeals. DO BOTH RUNS COUNT?

Well, let's see how you did. Below are the answers to both situations.

Answer to Situation 1 – 2.00 Infield Fly. NO. It is a foul ball.

Answer to Situation 2 – 7.10(b). Only one run counts. He/she may not return after a following runner has scored.

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