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Trading Players within a Local League

After a local league conducts its player draft, teams have the ability to trade players, but there are guidelines to follow.



Coach & Players

Making the Move from Coach to Manager

If you are managing a team for the first time, here are a few tips to help with the transition from coach to the top spot.
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Tee Ball Drill: Base Running and Fielding Ground Balls

Knowing what to teach a player to do once reaching base is as important as what it took to get the player on base.
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Lisa Dodd

Softball Pitching – The Stance

College Softball Coach Lisa Dodd discusses softball pitching, particularly the stance.
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What Side Are You On?

A batter switching sides of the plate during the same at-bat is not common, so check out this month’s Hey, Blue! to find out what umpires will permit if this happens during a game.
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Bat Standard Updates, New Rules, and More

Make sure you know the latest Little League® rules and regulations for the 2017 Little League season.
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Coach's Box Newsletter

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