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Player Tryouts

Tips for Managers Prepping for Player Tryouts

Whether you are a first-year-manager or a veteran, preparation for the player evaluation is important. As you get ready to review this year’s players, consider these tips which may help to make the process a bit easier and more efficient for you.



Successful Coaches

Successful Coaches Know that Smiles are More Important than Stats

Statistics are important to help track a player’s performance, but they don’t offer any insight into the fun that player is having.
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Player Agent

Player Agent: A Valuable Resource for the Manager and Coaches

By understanding the responsibilities of the Player Agent, you are likely to become a more efficient and effective manager or coach.
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Umpires Call

How to Handle an Umpire’s Questionable Call

When the time comes to speak with an umpire about a ruling, be sure to approach that conversation with a specific question in mind.
Player Slide

The Player Has to Slide!

There is often confusion about whether, or not, Little League® players must slide. Find out what umpires are looking for when a player is making an attempt to avoid contact by sliding.
Catching Pop Ups

Baseball Defensive Drill – Catching Pop Ups and Fly Balls

Steve Bernhardt from the Baseball Factory shows a fun way to teach catching fly balls and pop ups.
Tee Ball Program

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