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Little League Tournament Team

Methods for Selecting a Tournament Team

When a local league chooses to participate in the Little League® International Tournament, the first steps include deciding which players are eligible for tournament play, and how the players will be selected to a roster.

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Little League Coaches

Being a Tournament Coach Means More than Winning Games

Here are three criteria that potential tournament coaching staffs should know about the selection process.
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Little League Baseball Pitchers

Simple Tips for Coaching Baseball Pitchers

The one constant to aid in steady improvement is keeping the teachings simple and pointed toward the next step.
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Little League Baseball Proper Fielding

WATCH: Baseball - Proper Fielding Position

Baseball Factory Instructor Steve Bernhardt illustrates the proper method for fielding a ground ball on the infield.
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Little League Softball Pitchers

Simple Tips for Coaching Softball Pitchers

For coaches, it’s best to identify basic tips to revisit time and time again in order to produce a successful pitcher.
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Little League Softball Throwing Mechanics

WATCH: Softball - Throwing Mechanics

Former UCLA standout Jen Schroder explains how the throwing stance impacts a player’s motion and accuracy.
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Running out of the Baseline

Hey, Blue! – The Runner is Out of the Baseline

If a throw from a defensive player, hits a player who is running to first base, is it interference?
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