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Tournament Tips

Tips for a Top-Notch Tournament Team Experience

Managing and coaching a postseason tournament team provides unique challenges. Competitive levels are ratcheted up, which is a challenge and opportunity. Here are some tips to make the Tournament experience as fun, as it is exciting.

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3 Coaching Stats

3 Stats Coaches Should Be Using

The most successful coaches shift their team's attention away from results-based metrics and instead focus on a core set of controllable and measurable activities that simplify the game.
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Keeping You Cool

Keeping Your Cool When Tournament Season Heats Up

The competitive nature of the Little League® Tournament brings its own sort of pressures for the coaches and the players.
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Little League Tournament Rules

Regular Season to Tournament: Rules Differences

During the Little League® International Tournament, specific rules are modified from those used during regular-season play.
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Mandatory Play

Hey, Blue! – Mandatory Play Carries Over to Tournament Games

The Mandatory Play rules are adjusted during the tournament season, but is still enforced.
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With tournament season here, the Coach’s Box newsletter will NOT be distributed in July and August. The Coach’s Box is scheduled to return in September 2016. Thank you for the contributions and continued feedback as we strive to provide engaging educational and training content. Please submit your comments and content ideas via e-mail to Chris Downs, at cdowns@LittleLeague.org. Little League International offers its congratulations, and a heart-felt thank you, to all of this season’s Little League managers and coaches who volunteered their time for the betterment of the local league, the Little Leaguers®, and their community. For more educational and training information, videos, and articles, visit LittleLeagueU.org.


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