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Coach's Box - February

February 2016 | Archive | LLU
Prepping for the Season: Selecting Coaches and Support Staff
Now that you have drafted a team, it’s time to select coaches, and other volunteers who will support the team throughout the regular season. Read More
*PREMIER - Coach Pitch:
Grip Drill
*PREMIER - Hey, Blue!
That's Not a Real Appeal
*PREMIER - Building a Positive Relationship between Coaches and Parents
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* PREMIER - 3 Tips to Run a Fun, Effective Practice

Whether you are a player, coach, or parent, an effective, well-attended practice is centered on communication.

To assist in maximizing practice time, coaches need to exercise their communications skills throughout each week of the season.
  1. Maximize Your Time in practice with fast moving stations
  2. Plan practice sessions with your coaches and inform your players what to expect
  3. Allowing the players to have a voice in practice creates a sense of ownership

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Coach's Box | February 2016 | Archive | LLU