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Coach's Box - September

Volume 10 | Issue 7 | September 2015 | Archive | CRC
Thanks for Making the Choice to Coach Little League®
Being selected as a Little League® coach or manager is an endorsement from your local league’s Board of Directors that it trusts in your ability to serve as a role model, and provide a positive experience for the children on your team. First, though, you must have the personal confidence, and a belief in the ideals of Little League to take on the responsibility. For that decision, we thank you! Read more
Hey, Blue! – How ‘bout an “Out”
Call for Not Sliding
Know the Injury Patterns, Risk Factors for Young Baseball Players
For Training and Conditioning,
Try the Buddy System
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Little League® University
Coming this fall, Little League® University, or Little League U will transform the way Little League volunteers, administrators, coaches and parents learn their role in the Little League program. View engaging training videos, review practice plans, test your knowledge with interactive quizzes and learn the ins and outs of running a successful local Little League program in your community. This free educational resource will be available to all Little League constituents including District Administrators, League Presidents and local Board members, umpires, coaches and parents. Customize your experience.

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Coach's Box | September 2015 | Archive | CRC