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Hey, Blue! – Can I Wear This?

This month, we will explain and define the acceptable arm attire for a pitcher, while on the pitcher’s mound during a game. The situations described below is applicable in all levels of Little League Baseball®.


To start the game, the home team’s pitcher jogs to the mound, takes the ball resting on the pitcher’s plate, and begins to throw warm-up pitches. As the pitcher warms up, the home-plate umpire notices that the pitcher is wearing a camouflage compression sleeve, and asks the pitcher to remove the sleeve before the first pitch is delivered to the batter. As the player begins to remove the sleeve, one of the coach’s tells the pitcher that he needs to keep the sleeve on. The coach and manager speak with the home-plate umpire and ask why the pitcher needs to remove the sleeve. The umpire sympathizes, but states that for the pitcher to pitch in the game, the sleeve must be removed, or be fully covered by the player’s undershirt.


Rule 1.11 (a) (3) in the Little League Baseball® rulebook states that any part of the pitcher’s undershirt or T-shirt exposed to view shall be of a solid color. The pitcher’s undershirt sleeves, if exposed, shall not be white or gray. Neoprene sleeves, if worn by a pitcher, must be covered by an undershirt.

NOTE: A pitcher shall not wear any item on his/her hands, wrists or arms which may be distracting to the batter, e.g. sweat bands.

Approved ruling: The pitcher must either remove the sleeve, or cover it up completely with an undershirt.