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Little League® – A Coaches Creed

By Jeremy Worth
Coach, Crescent Little League, California District 29

I am a Little League® coach in Buena Park, Calif. I've spent many hours on the field with a group of great kids over the last couple seasons, and have written something from my experience.

Coaching my son’s team has provided me with a much-needed source of personal satisfaction that I am very thankful for. Part of the joy I’ve taken from my experience has been nurturing these kids during a vital time in their youth development.

Little League – A Coaches Creed draws on my passion and personal reflection, and is my interpretation of how we as coaches should approach the opportunity. After reading the Coaches/Managers Role section on the Little League website, I believe my thoughts in this poem are in line with Little League’s expectations of its coaches, and it could act as an appealing and brief way to re-emphasize the concept.

I am proud and I stand tall,

For I am a coach of Little League ball.

The privilege is mine to shape a team,

Where kids build friendships and self-esteem.

Applying words of praise to inspire,

I also help kindle a competitive fire…

Though sportsmanship is atop the list,

Of the many life lessons where I can assist.

I teach skills of the game with the hope to yield,

Great moments of joy out on the field.

And I know when all these things align,

The joy of coaching is truly mine!

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