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Coach's Box - June

Volume 10 | Issue 6 | June 2015 | Archive | CRC
Check and Double-Check: A Tournament Checklist for Coaches
It’s always satisfying to cross items of a list. In preparation for the start of tournament season, Little League® provides you with a checklist that can help get your postseason off to a positive start. Read more
Hey, Blue! – That Pitch Bounced;
It’s a “Dead Ball!”
Cultivating On-Field Communication between Players
How to Build Effective Coach-Parent Partnerships
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The GameChanger Scoring App Puts You In the Game
With tournament season right around the corner, GameChanger’s live scoring app can be utilized during all of your tournament events. Utilize the free apps functionality to be a live pitch counter, and stream stats to fans that aren’t able to make it to the game! Stats can be easily downloaded to allow for quick sharing with the local media during the tournament, saving you the time from your post-game celebration, of prepping a report to send. Available through iTunes, the Gamechanger app will make live scoring and instant updates a breeze as you focus on coaching your team to victory.

Rhythm and Timing: Control and an on-time swing allows batters to properly deliver the bat’s barrel to the ball

SKLZ Softball Video: See Heather Tarr, University of Washington Head Softball Coach; describe a batter’s proper hand position
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Coach's Box | June 2015 | Archive | CRC