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Contacting Players and Parents from Last Season Can Increase Your League’s Participation Numbers for this Year

After your league’s tryout dates are announced, there are often families, who were not aware or didn’t realize that to play in your league, registration was the necessary first step.

Little League rules assure a child’s opportunity to play, but leagues can close player registration in order to move forward with the draft process. Seeing the chance to get their child into the league, there are often plenty of “walk-ups” at tryouts.

A proactive way to increase public awareness is to contact the players and parents who were in your league last season. The Player Agent is responsible for the final enrollment in the league, but managers and coaches, whether appointed for the current season, or not, can help by reaching out and reminding parents about registration and tryouts.

Phone calls, text messaging, emails, and social media posts are all quick and easy ways to get the word out. Be sure to remind the players’ parents or guardians about the information needed to register, and be prepared to answer any questions about the change in the age determination date set to take effect this season.

Your league will know how to process late registration so that a child will be able to tryout at that time. If the parents do not have each of the necessary documentation, make your best effort to arrange for the information to be provided and verified.

To accommodate the “walk-ups,” set up a separate registration table to help process these players, while the players arriving for tryouts will not be slowed through the tryout check-in. The presence of past managers and coaches at registration and tryouts is comforting to the families because of the name-face recognition.

Being able to accomplish both player and tryout registration requires the full support of all local league officials, managers and coaches included. Having enough people to accomplish the task on multiple dates will lessen the stress and bolster the participation numbers for the coming season.

Keep in mind the parents or guardians of younger players are most likely to have questions about the registration process. Fortunately, because of the age of these players, rushing to get into tryout mode is not a problem since they are not required to perform in order to be drafted to a Major Division team.

When you do have a late registrant that is age eligible to tryout, by having the staff and the organization both at the table and on the field (or gym),you will be able to reassure the player and the family that they will be taken care of.

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