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Little League® Special Games Option

The opportunity to organize special games is a direct result of local leagues and districts wanting to provide more Little League® games to its players.

Special Games are those events involving on-field competition between youth baseball and softball teams such as Tournament of Champions, city or county-wide tournaments, etc., as well as any kind of tournament other than games to determine a league champion. (Regulation IX.)

A Special Games Request Form must be approved by the District Administrator and Regional Director prior to the games being played.

There are times where special games can be requested with teams that are not part of the Little League program. For that purpose the application for special games with non-Little League teams was created.

Special Games may be played under Regular-Season Rules or Tournament Rules, but not in combination. Protests in Special Games cannot be referred to Regional Headquarters.

Little League Softball offers Expanded Special Games Guidelines designed to enhance and encourage local leagues and districts to consider playing special games as part of their regular-season schedule.

Little League managers and coaches, along with local league officials, are empowered to explore the possibilities and consider the benefits of special games events in support of the players and teams in their area.

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