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Hey, Blue – When Is a Base Runner Out for Attempting to Advance Past First Base

This month, we will explain what is defined as an adjudged call by an umpire as it relates to a base runner’s attempt to advance after safely reaching first base. The situation described below is applicable in all divisions of Little League Baseball® and Little League Softball®.


With two outs and no runners on base, a batter-runner grounds a ball into short left-field. The ball is fielded by the shortstop, who attempts to complete the play with a throw to the first baseman. The batter-runner safely reaches first base before the throw is caught by the first baseman. After running through the base, the batter-runner turns left and immediately returns to the base. As the batter-runner returns the base, the first baseman applies a tag in attempt to put the runner out.


The batter-runner may turn left or right, provided that if he/she turns left he/she does not make an attempt to advance. An attempt is a judgment made by the umpire. The requirement is that the runner must immediately return to first base after an overrun or an over slide. To make the proper call on this play, we reference the Definitions Section (2.00) of the 2014 Little League® Rulebook. Under the definition of “adjudged,” on Page 59 an umpire is required to make judgment decisions.

Rule 7.08 (c and j) on Pages 85 and 86 states: the runner is tagged, when the ball is live, while off base; and failing to return at once to first base after overrunning or over sliding that base. If attempting to run to second, the runner is out when tagged. If after overrunning or over sliding first base, the runner starts toward the dugout, or toward a position and fails to return to first base once, that runner is out on appeal, when said runner or the base is tagged.

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