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Coach's Box - March

Eight Great Traits of a Good Sport
As youth sports coaches, it’s easy to spot poor sportsmanship, but a good coach is always on the lookout for good sportsmanship. Here are eight traits that will teach these values through compliments and supporting a player’s contributions to the team.

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Preparation and Confidence are Key to Batting Success
Preparing to step into the batter’s box is as important as the confidence shown while at the plate. Studying the tendencies of a pitcher during pre-game warm-ups and while waiting to hit, puts the batter in a good mindset to be confident and aggressive when it is time to face the pitcher during the game.

Check out a batting success video here
Learn How Playing Freeze Tag Can Help You Properly Apply a Tag
This month’s drill puts a spin on the childhood favorite, Freeze Tag. The Freeze Tag drill is a fast and fun way for a Minor Division player to learn how to tag a runner out. If you would like to send Little League a drill, please email: coachtips@LittleLeague.org. If your drill is featured, you will receive a “Little League Coach” tee shirt from Little League International. Click here to read more
NOTICE: Important Note about Regulation VI, Note 3 Exception
In the 2014 Official Regulations and Playing Rules, “Regulation VI Note 3 Exception” from the 2013 Official Regulations and Playing Rules was inadvertently eliminated. The note references the exception for games that are suspended with less than one (1) inning completed. The note remains in effect for 2014. In the event that the first inning is not completed, all records including pitching records, batting records, etc. shall be disregarded.
The Little League® Tee Ball Program Measures Success by the Smile
Coaches can use the 10-week Little League® Tee Ball program to create a fun and exciting experience for the program’s youngest players. The success of the program can be judged by counting the number of smiles on the faces of the players and their parents.

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Reaction Time Is Key When Fielding a Pop Up from the Catcher’s Position
A softball catcher must combine reaction time, awareness and concentration when fielding a ball that has been popped up toward the backstop. Former UCLA great Jen Schroeder explains the proper techniques to successfully field this play in this Coaches Resource Center video.

Check out a catcher's position video here
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