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What Type of Team Will Yours Be This Season

What Type of Team Will Yours Be This Season


As you prepare for the upcoming Little League® season, consider what kind of team you want to be. The manager and coaches are role models and set the tone and the demeanor of a team. Whatever team traits you develop, be sure to clearly communicate them to the squad.

Below are a few suggestions from the point of view of Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA).

Do you want your team to:

  • Lead the league in effort, running out every grounder or pop-up and backing up every base on every throw.

  • Fill Emotional Tanks, PCA’s term for coaches, parents and teammates uplifting each other with specific, truthful praise and positive, reinforcing body language.

  • Grab teammates’ gloves off the bench when your side is retired before hustling out of the dugout and back onto the field.

  • Take the extra base, except when that means running up the score.

  • Never hesitate to take a pitch, sacrifice, hit behind the runner and do all the other little things that add up to playing the game the right way.

  • Always leave the field with dirtier uniforms.

  • Have the most fun.

  • Make parents and everyone else in our community as proud as they can be about the way your team carries themselves on and off the field.

  • Make opponents happy they played you, no matter who won or lost.

  • Honor the game by respecting ROOTS (Rules, Officials/Umpires, Opponents, Teammates and Selves).

For more ideas on getting the most out of your players while teaching life lessons, take the Little League Double-Goal Coach® Course at http://shopping.positivecoach.org/Little-League-DGC, and for a video that explains Double-Goal Coaching in more detail, visit http://www.littleleague.org/pca.

Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) is a national non-profit developing Better Athletes, Better People in partnership with Little League® Baseball and Softball, scores of local Little Leagues throughout the U.S. and hundreds of other schools and youth sports organizations.