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Tee Ball Drills

Tee Drills – Drill #1 – Regular Tee Drill

· Using correct swing mechanics work on hitting balls off a tee into a screen

· Hit into a target on the screen to practice hitting line drives off the tee – pick the ball up

· Work on keeping the head still and taking controlled but quick swings

· Focus on swinging the handle of the bat to accelerate the barrel for bat speed

· Start by taking eyes to an imaginary pitcher – simulate correct distance

· Hitter tries to say the word “hit” at the same time the ball is contacted by the bat

Tee Drills – Drill #2 – Top/Bottom/Both Drill

· Work on hitting with the top hand only – 7 swings follow with the bottom hand only for 7 swings and then use both hands together

· Work on correct form and keep the head still

· Make sure that the hitter has the correct grip on the bat

· Hitter takes strong swings using the core and has a good follow through

Tee Drills – Drill #3 – Lift/Stride/Land Drill

· Hitter assumes normal stance

· Lead leg is lifted by bending the knee and standing on the pivot (back) leg

· Lead leg is taken down to increase the stride length and lands softly

· Hands go back at the time the lead leg hits the ground – front hip pushes outward creating torque – shoulders close toward the plate/tee

· Back hip moves toward the ball

· Tuck/Turn motion takes place as the hitter strikes the ball on the tee – elbow drives to the back hip aligning the back side of the hitter – shoulder/hands/hips/back knee/elbow

· Batter says the word “hit” as contact is made with the ball

· Good follow through

Tee Drills – Drill #4 – Inside/Outside Tee

· Normal Stance – Wide, relaxed

· 2 Tees are used sitting side by side slightly staggered with the ball on the inside tee slightly ahead of the ball on the outside tee

· Batter hits the ball off the inside tee without hitting the ball on the outside tee

· Purpose is to keep the hitters hands inside the ball and to stop the hitter from “casting” the hands to the outside pitch

· After hitting the inside tee ball, the hitter should hit the ball on the outside tee to the opposite field

· Good follow through and stay balanced