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Tee Drills #5 thru 8

Tee Drills – Drill #5 – Run up on Tee

· Hitter moves a few feet behind the tee and assumes a good stance

· With the bat on the shoulder the hitter “runs up” on the tee by crossing the back foot behind the front foot and then stepping to the tee with the front foot

· At the point the front foot hits the ground the hips begin to open and the shoulders stay closed

· Hitter keeps the head still and swings to meet the ball on the tee

· Emphasis is on keeping the hands loose in the swing and developing bat speed

· Hitter should “swing the handle” to accelerate the barrel of the bat

· Hitter should say the word hit as impact is made with the ball on the tee to help develop timing – good follow through with balance

Tee Drills – Drill #6 – Open Hips

· Drill teaches torque in the torso

· Hitter stands facing the screen with the toes pointed forward and the back hip even with the tee

· Hitter rotates the shoulders inward but keeps the feet firm on the ground in the original position

· This movement creates separation (torque) of the torso

· Hitter tucks the elbow and turns the torso to hit the ball with maximum bat speed

· Good follow through – Head stays still in swing

· Ball should be hit into a target in the screen = hit a line drive

Tee Drills – Drill #7 – Slow Motion Tee

· Correct swing mechanics with the swing being taken as if it is in slow motion

· Want to have hitter simulate correct swing path and see and feel what happens in the swing

· Emphasize follow through

Tee Drills – Drill #8 – One Knee Tee Drill

· Hitter rests on back knee with the front leg bent in a position where the ball can be hit off the tee

· Front hip is pulled out and the shoulders are turned back to create separation (torque)

· Hitter is concentrating on upper body mechanics in the swing

· Tuck/Turn to get the bat into the swing plane

· Swing “the handle of the bat” to create maximum bat speed

· Good follow through