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Camp Drills

Volume 7, No. 4 - November 2012

Hitting and Hitting Drills

By Little League Baseball Camp

Basic Fundamentals of Hitting

  • Ability to cover the plate to hit strikes on both the inside and outside corners
  • Relaxed grip aligning the “knocking knuckles” close together
  • Elbows relaxed and down/comfortable
  • Bat comes off the back shoulder “up and back” as the pitcher begins to wind-up
  • Slight wrap of the bat will take the end (top) of the barrel above the top of the hitters head – creates torque in the hands
  • Head remains still and both eyes are on the pitcher – nose on the ball
  • Slight flex in the knees
  • Power comes from the ground up – hitter should be “plugged in”…both feet should be on the ground at the time of the pitch
  • Back heel will go up on the swing and the hitter will pivot on the back foot as far as necessary to rotate the torso into the correct hitting position
  • Hitter’s shoulders are square to the plate until the bat is swung through the hitting zone
  • Front hip of the hitter should be pulled out (away from the hands) creating separation or a twisting (torque) effect of the torso
  • Hitter should establish a stance at least as long as the length of the bat…wide stance, but comfortable
  • Stride (if taken)…should be short, soft and direct to the pitcher…Emphasize the use of no-stride especially for the hitting drills
  • Swing involves synchronizing the back side of the body…shoulder, elbow, hip and knee
  • Back elbow is “tucked” to start the swing and the back hip rotates to the location of the pitch – tuck and turn to the ball
  • Shoulders remain closed as long as possible
  • Hitter “turns” to the pitch using the back foot and knee…instead of saying “squish the bug” use “rotate the heel” as much as needed
  • Front elbow lifts slightly as the hands turn over to start the swing – emphasize swinging the handle of the bat to get maximum bat speed
  • Keep knees inside the feet and the weight back
  • Firm front leg…slightly bent
  • The swing path of the bat must match the plane of the pitch…the swing will be slightly upward – barrel of the bat is below the hands at contact
  • Hands stay “inside” the baseball – extension is toward the pitcher – watch for hitters that “cast” or throw their hands away from their body
  • Keep the bat moving through the hitting zone and follow through with a high finish

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