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Camp Drills

Volume 7, No. 5 - December 2012

Hitting and Hitting Drills

By Little League Baseball Camp

Dry Swing Drills:

  • Work on the swing without hitting a ball – simulate hitting to all fields
  • Use "rock, ready, hit" cadence to make the swing
  • Rock – front heel up, back heel down, front heel down, back heel up
  • Ready
    • load the hands off the shoulder up and back and move the hips forward
    • keep the shoulders closed – creates a twisting effect of the body
    • front heel will be slightly up and the back heel should be on the ground
  • Hit – start the swing by tucking the elbow and making a strong turn of the upper body – core strength
  • Have the hitter say the word hit as an imaginary ball is struck by the bat – (timing)
  • Hitter must maintain good balance and should be able to take a hop upon completing the swing
  • Apply hitting mechanics during the swing - coach should be teaching proper fundamentals during the drill
  • Emphasize to the hitter where the correct impact should take place to hit to all fields based on pitch location

Dry Swing Drills: Tap Drill

  • Coach gets in front of home plate and has the hitter work on swing mechanics by taking the bat and tapping his hand during the swing
  • Emphasize pitch location and where the ball should be hit
  • Teaches the hitter to learn how to stay behind the ball and to work on hitting to all fields
  • Drill can be in slow motion to teach keeping the shoulders closed with the hips out

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