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Coach's Box - December

Volume 7, No. 5 - December 2012

Hitting Setup, Grip & Stance

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Little League Baseball Camp Presents: Speed Training Series, Step Cone Drill

By LittleLeagueCoach.org

Over the next few months Little League Baseball Camp will be featuring a series on speed training.

When you practice any sport you focus on the fundamentals, for baseball it is fielding, hitting and pitching. What is often overlooked is speed. We will show you drills on how to improve this area of your game.

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There is No Off-season

By Matt West, PowerChalk, LLC

As we head into the fall and winter months, challenging weather and lack of light can hamper our ability to continue to work on our skills. Unfortunately, this is a critical time to make adjustments on lessons learned from the past season…

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The Change Up

By Michele Smith, Two-time USA Softball Olympic Gold Medalist

What do the best pitchers in the NCAA right now all have in common? … Their ability to throw a great change-up.

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Prevent Upper Body Injuries with Smart Warm-up Exercises


The preseason is a time to get your team moving again. It's also a time when injuries commonly spring up due to a loss of mobility and flexibility during the offseason.

Work these seven resistance band movements into your team's warm-up routine to help them regain full upper body range and reduce the risk of injuries.

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Bruce Bochy's Messages for Little League Coaches

By David Jacobson, Positive Coaching Alliance

The San Francisco Giants' drive to the 2012 World Series title, led by PCA National Advisory Board Member Bruce Bochy, contains examples for Little League managers and coaches on the importance of patience and resilience.

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Hitting and Hitting Drills, Dry Swing Drills

By Little League Baseball Camp

Over the next 6 months we will be looking at a number of different hitting drills.

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LittleLeagueCoach.org Presents: Tips From Blue

By LittleLeagueCoach.org

The Coach's Box will feature a closer look at rules that are commonly misunderstood by managers, coaches and players. This month we will take a closer look at being hit by a pitch.

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