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Coach's Box - May/June

Volume 6, No. 5 - June 2011

Base Running Drills

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Heading for Home: The Lost Art of Base Running

By Matt West, PowerChalk, LLC

The team that scores the most runs wins, right? Right. Well interestingly enough, when we think about scoring runs, we seem to think of getting a base hit; a double, triple or even a homerun. But, what about the base runner?

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Tournament Season is a Whole New Ballgame

By Little League Operations Department

Most tournament managers, coaches and umpires are doing things they were not expected to do during the regular season. Here are a few tips for the managers and coaches.

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Rio Vista Little League Challenger Division to Participate in 2011 MLB All-Star Weekend Events

By Communications Division

For the fourth consecutive year, teams from the Little League Challenger Division will participate in an exhibition game during Major League Baseball's All-Star Weekend.

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Jackie Robinson, Pee Wee Reese and Finding Your Moral Courage: An Excerpt from Elevating Your Game

By Jim Thompson, Founder of Positive Coaching Alliance

In 1947 Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier as the first African-Amer­ican player in Major League Baseball. Today, with every sport racially in­tegrated, it’s hard to imagine how difficult this was. In addition to death threats, Robinson found members of his own team — the Brooklyn Dodgers — didn’t want to play with him because of his race.

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Positive Coaching: Don't Forget the "12th Man"

By Darrell Burnett, Ph.D

Pick up a training manual for most youth sports programs and you'll find "Positive Coaching" as one of the major tenets. Research shows that kids respond to positives, and most youth sports coaches know that noticing and making a "big deal" out of positives in their players is important.

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More Tips for a Top-Notch Tournament Team Experience

By David Jacobson, Positive Coaching Alliance

Keep in mind that in tournament ball, your players are most likely the best of the best among their peers. They might all be accustomed to starring for their regular season teams and playing marquee positions, such as pitcher or shortstop.

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PowerChalk Video Tip of the Month

By Matt West, PowerChalk, LLC

Advancing on a Ground Ball

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Hey Blue! I Have a Question?

By Operations Department

1. In a Little League baseball game the pitcher while within the 10 foot circle of the pitcher's mound, but not on the pitcher's plate, goes to his mouth with his fingers but dries off his fingers before stepping on the pitcher's plate. The umpire calls a ball and warns the pitcher. True or False?

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