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Umpire Article

Volume 6, No. 1 - Feb/March 2011

Stump the Ump

By Operations Department

  1. With an 0-2 count, the batter fouls a pitch sharp and direct to the catcher's mitt and then deflects off of his catcher's mask where it is then caught by the pitcher. The umpire calls the batter out on the foul tip. True or False.
  2. The batter hits a ground ball to the shortstop, who makes a bad throw to the first baseman with the ball rolling up the first baseman's arm and ends up being trapped against the first baseman's shoulder. In the meantime, the batter-runner crosses first base, the first baseman did not drop the ball but the umpire calls the batter-runner safe. True or False.
  3. The third baseman is attempting to catch a high foul fly ball in the coach's box. The coach stands perfectly still and the third baseman comes in contact with the coach causing the third baseman to drop the ball. The umpire calls the ball foul. True or False.
  4. The batter hits a home run over the fence. In rounding the bases, the batter-runner misses second base. After passing touching and passing third base, the coach yells to the runner to return and tag second base. In doing so the runner touches third base on the way back to second, the defensive team makes a proper appeal of the batter-runner missing second base. The umpire signals safe because the batter-runner retouched third on his/her way back to correct his/her base running mistake. True or False.
  5. Bases full, two out, the batter hits a triple and three runs score. After the ball is returned to the infield the second baseman calls for the ball, steps on second base and appeals to the umpire claiming the batter had missed touching second base on his/her way to third base. The umpire up holds the appeal and declares the batter out for missing second base and allows the three runs to score. True or False.



  1. False – Rule 2.00 – Foul Tip – A foul tip can only be caught by the catcher.
  2.  True – Rule 2.00 – A Catch – The first baseman did not have secure possession in the hand or glove of the ball in flight before the batter-runner touched first base. It was a trapped ball.
  3. False – Rule 7.11 – This is interference on the coach and the batter is called out. The coach must vacate any space needed by the fielder who is attempting to field a batted ball.
  4. False – Rule 7.10 (b) Approved Ruling #2 – When the ball is dead no runner may return to touch a missed base after said runner has advanced to and touched a base beyond the missed base.
  5. True – Rule 4.09 – This is a timing play as the out at second base on the appeal was not a force play.

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