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Umpire Article

Volume 6, No. 3 - April 2011

Stump the Ump

By Operations Department

  1. In a Little League baseball game the pitcher while within the 10 foot circle of the pitcher's mound, but not on the pitcher's plate, goes to his mouth with his fingers but dries off his fingers before stepping on the pitcher's plate. The umpire calls a ball and warns the pitcher. True or False.
  2. Junior/Senior/Big League baseball, with no one out and a base runner leading off third base, a batted ball strikes the third base bag and then the runner who is leading off in foul territory. The umpire calls the runner out for being hit by a fair batted ball. True or False.
  3. In a softball game, the batter walks and the ball is immediately returned to the pitcher with in the 8 foot circle. The batter-runner runs to first base, rounds the base towards second, stops to pick up where the ball is and immediately retreats to first base. The umpire calls the batter-runner out for not continuing to second base. True or False.
  4. There are not runners on base, the batter hits a single to right field and makes the turn towards second base when he/she is caught in a run down. As the batter-runner is trying to return to first base, the second base man throws the ball over the first baseman's head and into a dead ball area. The umpire awards the batter-runner second base. True or False.
  5. In a Little League baseball game with two outs and the bases loaded, the runner on second base leaves the base before the pitch reaches the batter and the umpire drops the signal flag. The batter hits a bases clearing drive into the right center field gap. The three base runners score before the batter-runner is thrown out at third base for the third out of the inning. The umpire informs the scorekeeper that no runs are allowed to score because of the 7.13 violation. True or False.


  1. True – Rule 8.02 (a)(1) –The pitcher shall not bring the pitching hand in contact with the mouth or lips while in the 10 foot circle. Penalty – The umpire will immediately call a ball and warn the pitcher that repeated violation can cause the pitcher to be removed from the game.
  2. False – Rule 2.00 – Fair Ball and 7.08 (f) – The ball remains live and in play because it struck the base which makes it a fair ball but the runner is not out because the ball struck him in foul territory and not in fair territory.
  3. False – Rule 7.08 (a)(5) Note 2 – On a walk it is legal for the batter-runner to round first base, pick up where the ball is and then decide whether to try and advance to second or retreat back to first base. If the batter-runner does not immediately (within three seconds), after the stop attempt to advance or retreat or starts in one direction and then goes in the opposite direction, she will be called out for circle rule violation.
  4. False – Rule 7.05 (g) – The award is two bases from the position of the runner when the wild throw was made. So even though the runner was returning to first base, his/her last legally acquired base was first base, the award would be two bases, second and third.
  5. True – Rule 7.13 EXCEPTION – When there is a 7.13 violation, one runner shall affect all other base runners and by the exception that if at the conclusion of the play there is an open base paragraph (b) will apply. This means that any runner/s not put out during the play must return to their original base or bases. By the runner being put out at third base, at the end of the play all three bases are now empty (open) all three of the runners would have had to be returned to their original bases if it had not been the third out of the half inning.

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