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Drill of the Month

Volume 6, No. 3 - April 2011

Little League Baseball Camp - Drill of the Month

By Little League Baseball Camp

  • Run Down Relay Drill
  • Use 5 players for drill
  • 3 players in one line, 2 players in the other
  • Player lines are facing each other about 40 feet apart
  • Can use a "pickle" man in the middle for the drill as a part of the run-down
  • 3 player line starts the drill by running with the ball held still in the up-position
  • Flip throw is made to the first player in the two man line when that player calls "ball" and shows a 2 – handed target to indicate to the run-down partner to make the throw
  • Upon receiving the throw, the receiver now begins running hard toward the opposite line to make a correct run-down throw to that partner, thrower peels off to the right and goes to the end of the line
  • Drill continues – similar to a relay race – for a designated amount of time set by the coach
  • All throws – exchanges must be made when the word "ball" is called out and a 2 – hand target is shown
  • If a runner is used, "pickle" the runner should be put-out between the lines and should be forced back to the opposite line of where the ball started

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