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Stump the Ump

Volume 5, No. 7 - October 2010

Stump the Ump

By Operations Department

MYTH #1: “The ball is dead when a balk occurs.”

When a balk is called, if the pitcher does not pitch, the umpire will call “Time.” If the pitch is thrown, it is a delayed dead ball. That means the ball is alive until any play is completed. See Rule 8.05 PENALTY.

MYTH #2: “On that throw to home, the catcher was blocking the base path before he/she caught the ball. Call Interference!”

When the defense blocks the base path without having possession of the ball it is called OBSTRUCTION, not interference. A fielder, any fielder, CANNOT block a base without having possession of the ball. See Rule 2.00 OBSTRUCTION. Also, see rule 7.06 (a) and (b).

MYTH #3: “The batter who batted out of order is out.”

After the incorrect batter completes his/her at-bat, and an appeal is made, the PROPER batter is out, (the one who should have batted). The improper batter (the one who did bat) is removed from base and any advance made by runners because of his/her batted ball, is nullified. The next batter due up is the one who follows the PROPER batter. See Rule 6.07.

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